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Kontec 2021

Kontec 2021


Dear customers, speakers and exhibitors,

when we started 2020, with many new ideas and smart, digital changes, COVID-19 was not on the list in the form it was. The development that followed in spring 2020 was certainly an unpleasant surprise for all of us.

We have done everything we can to hold a safe face-to-face event in August 2021 . This KONTEC was different than expected. Despite this, it was able to take place with all its usual components. A summary:


KONTEC has been on the market for 30 years now, specializing in the disposal of radioactive waste from the operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and facilities. This is a great development, which we are continuing in terms of content and technology.

For the small anniversary - the 15th KONTEC - many things were different. Not all veining compared to previous KONTECs is due to the pandemic. KONTEC had set itself the goal of becoming smarter and more digital for everyone involved. The date in August, instead of the usual March, was part of the changes caused by the pandemic. It is a pity that we were able to offer fewer visitors than usual and fewer participants could come, partly due to travel restrictions. However, it was also a win: this was the only way we could use the terrace in front of the halls for the first and probably only time, as well as the outdoor terrace with a view of the Elbe. A unique opportunity in summer 2021.


On Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 10 a.m., Mr. Ralf Versemann, Deputy Chairman of the KONTEC Program Committee, opened KONTEC 2021. Excerpts from the opening speech:


“In 2021, a total of 6 nuclear power plants will still be connected to the grid. They currently feed an average of approx. 10% of the basic energy supply required in Germany into the energy transmission grids with unprecedented reliability and an availability of well over 90%. At the end of 2022, the last nuclear power plants will be taken off the grid and the operators have long since adjusted to this and have changed their service operations organizations to decommissioning organizations, believe me, an ambitious transformation combined with a continuous improvement process. This change is also taking place in parallel on the part of authorities and experts as well as in industry. There are currently 21 plants in the east and west in the post-operational or decommissioning phase. ...

A major challenge awaits at the end of the process chain of decommissioning, dismantling, residue and waste treatment. On the one hand, this is the release of large quantities of material and, on the other hand, the professional packaging and documentation of the radioactive waste - goal: the rating "suitable for final storage". ... The operators are stepping up their activities and organizations to document the existing waste packages and the packages created in the future in such a way that they can be quickly qualified for storage. The same is done on the part of authorities and experts. However, currently 543 final storage containers with a final storage volume of 2936m³ speak for themselves, I still see potential for improvements on all sides.

The fact that we have built up much-respected competence in the dismantling of power reactor systems in Germany is internationally recognized. Now we have to work intensively on making this dismantling more efficient, i.e. faster and cheaper.”

After the opening of the symposium, Dr. Andreas Volz, deputizing for Barbara Becker, from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the welcome address to KONTEC 2021. Dr. Volz would like to thank the organizing team for the careful hygiene concept that made the event possible. KONTEC should also be seen as an opportunity, even if some colleagues cannot be there, it still offers an opportunity for exchange and a concentrated encounter.

The federal program FORKA was republished in the Federal Gazette in June. The program has leveled off at around 8 million per year. The assessment procedure was changed and the FORKA funding program was evaluated at the beginning of 2021. One result was, among other things, that the application orientation, ie the cooperation between research institutions and industrial partners, was positively received by all those involved and should also be strengthened. The next appointment in the form of a status seminar was scheduled for November '21.

Since the beginning of 2021, the program for maintaining competence in nuclear safety research, NUKSI for short, has been part of the BMBF. It covers the areas of radiation research, waste disposal research and reactor safety research and is funded with EUR 14 million annually. Together with FORKA, these 4 areas cover a wide spectrum.

For participants, the opening speeches are available below  to disposal.

Our new contractual partner in trade fair construction,  cubicworx , enabled our exhibitors to use a digital ordering process and all-round on-site support. Ticketing has also been digitized - for quick confirmations and to implement a quick check-in. We are very happy about that  Dimitri Reimer , a member of the FFA eV, founded KONTEC  captured images .

Wednesday evening was all about the exhibitors. What was special was that the partners of the evening (see sponsors) made it possible to set up and serve on the terrace in front of the halls. KONTEC took care of the additional guest care and the musical accompaniment by the duo LOUNGEWORX.


The banquet on Thursday evening rounded off the social part of KONTEC 2021 and was themed #Sustainability . The clay pots with basil, rosemary and other spices used to decorate the tables could then be taken home by the guests.

At this point we would like to thank the 763 visitors, 90 speakers and 81 exhibitors who helped shape KONTEC 2021.

We would be delighted if you were part of the anniversary and thus made the 15th KONTEC something very special again.

Current information on future KONTECs

DKM Janet Scherping GmbH, Hamburg

Kontec 2021
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