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Studsvik GmbH & Co. KG

Walter-Krause-Str. 11 | 68163 Mannheim | Germany

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Studsvik Group

Founded in 1947, the Studsvik Group today employs 550 people from 36 nations and is a global provider of highly specialized products and services for operators of nuclear facilities, manufacturers of fuel assemblies, as well as international organizations and authorities in 19 countries.

  • In the field of dismantling and radiation protection services, we have around 300 employees taking care of plants primarily in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Our services here include the planning and execution of complex dismantling projects, and we also support you with experienced experts in radiation protection, radiological characterization, clearance, interim and final storage documentation and decontamination. In addition to the execution, we would be happy to advise you in all segments of planning and concept development.

  • With patented methods we support worldwide in waste treatment, documentation and disposal, up to the complete planning of facilities for the treatment of solid and liquid waste of all activity classes with significant volume reduction.

  • In fuel and material technology, materials in our hot cells are examined to determine aging processes, among other purposes. This sevice is particularly indispensable for planning of lifetime extensions.

  • Scandpower is one of the world's leading developers of reactor physics software.


Florian Buehler

Business Area President Decommissioning and Radiation Protection Services DRPS 

Florian Bühler - neu-001.jpg

+49 173 3459433

Michael Karlsson

Business Area President Waste Management Technology WMT


+46 155221786

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